On this page are links to various resources, including downloadable fonts, lessons, the raw D'ni texts, games produced by the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship, and the Guild, and other important sites for the aspiring D'ni student.


Cyan's D'ni Font is the official font used by Cyan. It uses Cyan's mapping, with æ mapped to å.

D'ni Script, D'ni Script Angular and D'ni Script LM are the fonts created by Tekis and Jehon before there was a public D'ni font. D'ni Script and D'ni Script Angular use Cyan's mapping, with æ mapped to q and Y, c mapped to x and X, and has the variants of l and z mapped to L and Z respectively. D'ni Script LM is the linguistic mapping, and employs diacritics instead of upper-case characters, in keeping with linguistic convention. It is also the font used by this site for displaying D'ni text. It uses NTS mapping. All three fonts include the colour symbols from Riven, ä, Ä, ö, Ö, ü, Ü, mapped to ä, Ä, ö, Ö, ü, and Ü.

Arial D'ni is a font made by Domahreh modelled after the Arial style, being more blocky with no serifs. Be sure to read his readme for instructions on making the font work with MS Word.

D'ni Script CSUR is a font by Korov'ev for the Con-Script Unicode Registry (CSUR), which assigns codepoints from the Unicode Private Use Area to conscripts. The characters are in the range E830 - E88F, and include the full range of glyphs provided by D'ni Script. See this PDF for more details.

D'niDings is an extensive collection of webdings based on Uru designs and glyphs by BladeLakem.


D'ni Dictionary is our site dictionary, to be used in conjunction with the D'ni lessons, the D'ni grammar, and the D'ni text repository. Words appearing there will be linked to the dictionary, as opposed to glossing them on the pages themselves.