This page is for links to various other Myst-related sites.

If you know of a site which you want to be added to this list, post about it on the forums.


Myst Online: Uru Live again is the official MOULa website, run by Cyan, with download links for the game, and the official game forums.

Cyan (Worlds) Inc. is the official Cyan Inc. website, with information about all their existing games, their up-coming project Obduction, the company, and the Cyan forums.

D'ni Linguistic Fellowship is the modern Guild of Linguists' predecessor, dating back to the early days of MOULa. Much of the Guild is directly inspired by the DLF's pioneering work.

Narayani Collective is a forum for all things Narayan, the only inhabited Age from Myst III: Exile. Sadly, most of the older content was lost, and only a small amount was archived.

All Things Uru is a site created by Ainia for the purpose of collecting every available resource pertaining to Myst and Uru, including some that are very hard to find online otherwise.

D'ni-English Dictionary is Kh'reestrefah's fantastic D'ni dictionary, with citations and references for every known D'ni word.

Hidden Places of the D'ni is a site maintained by larryf58 with extensive information on a wide variety of topics pertaining to D'ni.